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  1. The Thrasher - project was put together by an assortment of New York based musicians upon the instigation of Combat Records. Produced, directed and arranged by The Rods drummer Carl Canedy in partnership with Blue Cheer's guitarist Andy 'Duck' McDonald, the 'Burning At The Speed Of Light' album was issued in Britain through Music For Nations/5(5).
  2. First, Metallica have written 5 of the greatest thrash albums ever made - and you then move onto Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Tesrament etc. James Hetfield and co. Were regarded as the greatest metal musicians and vocalist on the planet from 'Ride The Lightning' on, because no-one knew what on Earth was going on when they released 'Kill 'em All'.
  3. In the mid-to-late s the original thrash metal scene took a steep rise into public recognition, reached its peak in popularity by the end of the s, and then gradually faded out of view. This site is dedicated to reviews of old school thrash metal albums, with an emphasis on classic bands from the period when the genre was at its peak.
  4. These are the thrash metal albums that I consider personal favorites. "Personal favorites" is more appropriate to use than "Greatest" simply because there are so many thrash metal albums out there, many of which I have never heard. To keep this as brief as possible I'm only listing pure thrash. No death (Morbid Angel, Death, etc) or first wave black metal (Celtic Frost, Bathory, etc) whose.
  5. Mar 27,  · Sofisticator - Death by Zapping (ETN ) Thrash Metal - Italy 1. Evil Frequencies 2. Channel 3. Rot-Wash & Roll 4. Ok, the Price is Right 5. Quiz of Death 6.
  6. Feb 07,  · Sarcasm, Thrasher, Slovenian thrash/speed metal band, thrash/speed metal album: Thrash ().
  7. Apr 17, - Explore adamcasillas75's board "Best thrash metal covers,drawings." on Pinterest. See more ideas about Thrash metal, Metal albums, Album art pins.
  8. stonerrocks Just a superb thrash album, ticks all the boxes and got a great old school-style sound with modern production standards - these guys are definitely ones to watch! Reminds me a lot of Kreator in the vocals and aggression, with maybe a touch of Gama Bomb - although without the comedy element. Also, when the vocalist isn't screaming he sounds more like Mustaine than Petrozza.

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